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The Harrison Athletics program is built on the principles of Rigor, Development, Communication, and Accountability. Harrison coaches work to develop programs based on communication, clear expectations, ongoing feedback, accountability and developing self-advocacy in our student athletes. Our coaches and players are committed to meeting the standards of high expectation and maximum effort on and off the field.

 Athletics Program Objectives

  • Provide positive experience for all student athletes and promote a growth mindset.

  • Foster physical, social and emotional growth.

  • Cultivate academic and athletic achievement by developing attitudes and values that motivate students to pursue excellence.

  • Develop increased knowledge of skills needed to achieve individual and team success through consistency and hard work.

  • Develop respect for teammates, opponents, coaches and officials by developing emotional control and cooperation.

  • Stress the importance of physical fitness, proper conditioning, health and safety.

  • Provide opportunities for students to identify and explore diverse experiences on the athletic field and apply their learning in a variety of settings beyond the field/court


Chris Galano
Director of Physical Education, Health & Athletics
Ph: (914) 630-3125
Fx: (914) 835-3917

Danny Gonzalez
Assistant Director of Physical Education, Health & Athletics
Ph: (914) 630-3312
Fx: (914) 835-3917



Robin Webb
Secretary to the Directors of P.E., Health & Athletics
Ph: (914) 630-3127
Fx: (914) 835-3917